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Stephen Hawking may understand Time & Space
but perhaps not with respect to publishing photos of Music Box productions.

As we slowly resolve the time-space issues,
we'll add more to this collection.

No Sex Please, We're British
September 2009

Matthew Dane, Cate McDonald, Jacob Sessock Jacob Sessock, Cate McDonald, Joan Johnson Dana Feigenblatt, Matthew Dane, Amber McKenna

Jekyll & Hyde: the Musical
May 2009

Amanda Reese, John Owen Kennedy John Owen Kennedy, Bill Lipski, Amanda Reese, Jason Zimmer Cate McDonald, John Owen Kennedy

Fiddler on the Roof
February 2009

FRONT: Madison Woods, Maia Bagusky   BACK: Amanda Reese, Cate McDonald, Cierra Cellerari Jimmy Williams, Bill Lipski, Amanda Reese Bill Lipski, Dana Feigenblatt

The Gifts of the Magi
December 2008

Dana Feigenblatt, Cate McDonald   Bill Lipski, Dana Feigenblatt, Kevin Costley, Evan Frace, Christian Lynch, Cate McDonald   Kevin Costley, Christian Lynch

The Music Man
July 2008

Ron Araya, Sam Sweitzer   Ron Araya, Cate McDonald, Dana Feigenblatt, Amber McKenna   Marcelle McGuirk, Sam Sweitzer,  Ron Araya  

April 2008

* Standing: Bob Hensley, Alice Lyons, Dana Feigenblatt, Jessica Werbin * Kneeling: Amber McKenna, Cate McDonald *   * Amber, Cate, Jessica, Alice, Dana *   * Standing: Dana * Kneeling: Cate * Pointing: Jessica, Amber * Pulling: Bob *  

Hello, DOLLY!
February 2008

Debbie Zehner, Michael Gallagher   Adam Orseck, Heidi Schnappauf, Sarah Polk, George Thomas   Michael Gallagher, Dana Feigenblatt  

August 2006

      Hope-less?   All's Well with Cladwell   Pennywise, Pee Foolish

July 2006

      Daniel Pascoe & Nicole Rasmus   Laura Mitchell, Lauren Costanza, Michelle Luksh, Kevin Costley, Heidi Germaine Schnappauf, Molly McPherson, Jessie Lee Hooker   Dana Feigenblatt & Drew Coffman

Featuring Ron Araya, Dana Feigenblatt, Jennifer Rogers, Blaine McKeown, John Owen Kennedy, Debbie Zehner, Jessica Unice and Michael Gallagher

(Nashville, 2005 & 2006)

Rachel Smith and Jay Fink as Mimsey & Borden
(Plaza Suite, April 1999)

Alison Taroli as Little Red, Debbie Zehner & Mike Gallagher as Hansel und Gretel, Jessie Werbin, Cindy Millington & Kevin Costley as The Three Pigs, and Ron Araya as The Big Bad Wolf.
(The Misadventures of Little Red Ridinghood, March 1999)

Jessie Werbin as Electra, Dawn Parks as Mazeppa, Bernardine Vojtko as Tessy Tura
(Gypsy, February 1999)

CABARET - Our 1998 production

PHANTOM - The 1997 web page that started!

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