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The Music Box Players need your help to continue presenting quality theatrical productions!
Make your tax-deductible donation today and have your name featured in every program of the season:

($2500 and above)

Marilyn Burton

Producer's Circle

Tom & Joan Lally
Suanne Moses

Director's Circle

Cynthia & Seth Brandreth
Dr. Robert & Kelly Bishop
Blueberry Hill Webs

Rodgers & Hammerstein Circle

Sultana’s Cultural Gifts & Clothing         Robert & Linda Gruner
John & Eileen Toussaint           Dennis Morris
Ann Bomboy Kimberly Rose
Shawn Mullen

Lerner & Loewe Circle

Bobbie Shurnicki Stephanie Orphanella Dorrance Daniels
Louis & Mildred Volpetti         James & Holly Daubert         H. Blaine McKeown
Beverly Brennan Mary Biscontini James & Evelyn Kersey
David Sweinberg Flo Snyder Eileen Palmer
Jenna Carmichael Mary Pauline Murphy Richard Finkelstein
Mary Jo Bath Audrey Ide


Michelle Michaels         Francis & Jean Sickler         William & Mary Patton
Ralph Schwartz Barbara Edwards William & Joanne Runner
Robert & Teresa Jankoviak Mary Kruger Betty Flaherty
Alison Taroli Gelsleichter         Patrick Passo Ann Moran Scanlan
Kathleen Moran Maureen Moran Patricia Moran
Tahnee Hines Michelle Pilch Jessica Schafer


Barbara Sepko John Mchugh Roseanne Kramer
Harry Zimmerman Mark Torbick Gail & Willard Sickles        
Edward Shermanski         Anne Dragon         Linda & Robert Mitchell
Patricia Gregorio Jackie Nat Cathy Dzanis
  Theresa Dyanick        

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